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Van insurance

Lots of extra benefits at no additional cost.

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Our fully comprehensive van insurance is designed to offer you maximum convenience with minimum hassle - just as you’d expect from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

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Lines are open 9am – 7pm, Monday
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Features and benefits

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Van Insurance includes lots of extra benefits at no additional cost.

For full details on what’s covered, please refer to the Volkswagen Insurance cover booklet.

Volkswagen Approved Repairs

All repairs are carried out by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Trained Technicians in Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Authorised Repairers, giving you the peace of mind that your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle will be repaired to the same high standards as before.

Volkswagen Genuine Parts

We only use genuine parts and accessories and each one comes with a two-year warranty, excluding wear and tear items.

Courtesy Van

We’ll provide a minimum of a small courtesy van while your van is being repaired by a Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Approved Repairer.

Windscreen cover

We’ll pay the full cost of repairs to chips or other small damage to your windscreen.

Driving abroad

When using your van abroad, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Insurance provides up to 90 days foreign travel cover in the European Union, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Serbia and Switzerland with all the same features and benefits.

Personal accident

In the event of death or injury whilst getting into, travelling in or getting out of your van, we will pay £10,000 for death, total and permanent loss of sight in one eye, one hand or one foot. This cover also applies to passengers.

Replacement locks

If the keys, lock transmitter or entry card for a keyless entry system of the vehicle are lost or stolen, we will pay upto £500 toward the cost of replacement.

Child seat replacement

We’ll cover the cost of replacing any child seat with a new one of the same (or similar) model and standard following an accident.

Personal belongings cover

We will cover upto £250 for personal belongings that are lost or damaged following an accident, fire or theft. We will also cover upto £200 for wheelchairs, prams, pushchairs and carrycots.

Why choose Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

With Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Insurance you have the commitment of a team who are as passionate about Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles as you.

Not only will you have all the benefits that a premium-class van insurance policy offers, but also the peace of mind that your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle will be repaired in a Volkswagen authorised repairer using Genuine Parts.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Van Insurance is sold and administered by Ageas Retail Limited.

Online documents

To download a sample copy of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Van Insurance Cover Booklet simply click on the appropriate link below.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Van Insurance Cover Booklet

For policies taken out from April 2015

File size

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Van Insurance Cover Booklet

For policies taken out from December 2009

File size

Renew your policy

When it comes to renewing a Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Van Insurance policy we’ll contact you in advance of your renewal date with details on what to do. If you’ve not heard from us when you were expecting to, you can of course contact us.


Please click on the questions below to reveal the answers.

What happens if I change my van in the middle of the year?

Please call the customer services team on 0330 303 6942 and they will update your policy and advise of any changes in premium, providing your new vehicle fits our underwriting criteria.

Do I get a discount if I insure two vans with you?

Unfortunately not, there are no discounts for insuring a second vehicle.

What documents do I submit as proof of my no claims discount?

This should be on your renewal schedule from your previous insurer. Alternatively, your previous insurer can send you a proof of no claims letter. The documents must be the originals and up to date.

Can I decrease my excess to £0?

Unfortunately not, there is a compulsory policy excess that applies and this cannot be reduced. If you opt to take a voluntary excess this can be reduced back to zero, however, increasing your voluntary excess will reduce your premium.